Wickerman Festival @ East Kirkcarswell, 25-26 Jul

It is time to keep your appointment with the Wickerman

Article by Nick Mitchell | 23 Jun 2008
  • Wickerman

You're unlikely to encounter a naked Britt Ekland or a kilted Christopher Lee, but you can bear witness to a 30-foot burning effigy after two nights of hedonistic partying. And no, Edward Woodward won't be trapped inside (or Nicolas Cage, unfortunately). The seven-year-old Wickerman Festival has established itself as the festival of choice for all those Scots who have outgrown the boozy charms of larger weekenders. And to reward these folks' continued allegiance, the organisers have amassed an eyebrow-raisingly strong clutch of headliners this year: local lass done-good KT Tunstall, electro demigod Gary Numan, splenetic rockers The Fall and, er, Dodgy. Elsewhere we find the Hacienda Tour featuring Peter Hook, DJs of the calibre of Annie Nightingale and X-Press 2, plus a new talent stage featuring Broken Records and Attic Lights. As Lord Summerisle would say: it is time to keep your appointment with the Wickerman. [Nick Mitchell]