West End Festival @ Various venues across Glasgow, 13 - 29 Jun

Article by Chris Cusack | 23 May 2008
  • Super Adventure Club Promo 2008

As most Glasgow residents are aware, summer in the West End brings with it a few certainties: sunburn in Kelvingrove Park, attractive girls on Great Western Road and, more recently, the West End Festival. Running from Friday the 13th until Sunday the 29th of June, this year's conglomeration of art, music and theatre events introduces the Halt Bar Hijack: 3 days of free gig hilarity courtesy of the Halt Bar on Woodlands Road.

To focus on the rock action, the 13th sees the suitably unnerving line-up of Kylie Minoise, Noma and Vom smearing their filthy muck around the walls with gruesome enthusiasm. Expect waves of disturbing paranoia in the form of loops, feedback and other controlled analogue malfunctions before Black Rat Death Squad take to the stage with their confrontational take on the “death 'n' roll” sub-genre.

Saturday ventures into more conventional rock ’n’ roll territory with Blood Orange plus Punch and the Apostles on the bill. Also appearing are the decidedly leftfield, alt-jazz duo Vars of Litchi and Super Adventure Club, currently Edinburgh's hottest space-punk export, giving lessons on how to blow minds and shake butts at the same time. Finally, Sunday eases back into the working week with Izo Fitzroy and The Royal Bastards, weaving sultry lyricism through inventive contemporary lounge pop, not unlike Regina Spektor, they’ll be accompanied by the experimental folk of Wounded Knee and Dave Dixon. As if this host of excellent contemporary creativity isn’t enough, you can also catch little known Glaswegian export Teenage Fanclub at Oran Mor on Saturday the 14th.


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