The T Diaries: The Twilight Sad

Blog by James Graham | 13 Jul 2009

Sunday, 9am - Get up, have a shower, decide not to pack the catsuit for the gig.

10am - It's my mum and dad's first T in the Park experience so they're driving us up. They're a bit excitable and my dad makes a sign to stick to his back with the band name and "I Became a Prostitute" written across it, which makes me laugh, lol!

10.30am - On the road, drinking cheap miniature bottles of wine. find out that my dad has been listening to the new Sonic Youth album and loving it, which takes me by surprise as all he usually listens to is the Beverly Hills Cop theme tune and The Eagles.

1pm - Finally get into the festival after waiting for our passes for a while. walk over to the stage we're playing and find our extensive rider of a pack of Tennent's and some water waiting for us. Meet some friends and chat about the weather.

2.30pm - Played the gig and I think it went well, we only had 25 mins so we played about two songs. Was surprised about the amount of people who were there and singing along, so if you were one of those idiots who should've been at The Saturdays and were watching us, thank you very much.

3pm - Andy and I try and pull together an acoustic set for Off the Beaten Tracks, play two songs, then I do a song on my own. I take advantage of some free booze and pour a pint into a cake tin because there were no tumblers (I looked like a fanny).

5pm - We go to the catering tent. I have a rib eye steak with yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes, YALDI! Then I have some sort of desert that looked a bit like a dobber but tasted nice. Tam Coyle joins us for a bite to eat, but gets fed up with our patter and the fact that Andy was trying to pour a whole bottle of english mustard over his dinner.

6pm - I can't remember what i did, but i bet it was great. T IN THE PARK!

7pm - Went backstage and bumped into the goobers from Mogwai, roasted them for a while and took advantage of the free booze.

8pm - Went to see the Pet Shop Boys in the King Tut's tent. they were pretty amazing, gonna annoy our booking agent to see if we can support them. My friend starts dancing with a middle-aged midget and pulls some inappropriate shapes with her, so I swiftly pull out my video camera. A guy from Aberdeen comes up to me and tells me that i got him chucked out of our gig up there one time and called him a cunt, he seemed pleased with that.

9pm - Watched Mogwai and they were brilliant as ever, you would have thought after seeing them 100 times before i would have went to see some other band, but they always bring the pain! (cant believe i just wrote "bring the pain").

10pm onwards - FUCKED!


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