Primal Scream @ ABC 2, 7 Jul

This intimate 'secret' gig highlights the sheer charisma of one of the finest bands we’ve known

Article by Paul Mitchell | 09 Jul 2008

It may actually be the case that news of an impending Primal Scream release is not greeted with the palpitations of old, such was their resonance and impact on a scene that was in dire need of (anything but Britpop) innovation throughout the nineties. In these times of increased scepticism, the seemingly simplistic mantras generally espoused by Bobby Gillespie et al seem almost quaint. However, it seems churlish to take them to task for the fact that whilst seminality is generally a passing phase, quality cannot be ignored. This intimate gig highlighted the sheer charisma of one of the finest bands we’ve known. Showcasing new album Beautiful Future, the title track and single Can’t Go Back made a good live impression. Nothing however, compared to the sheer euphoria induced by a back catalogue including Swastika Eyes, Kill All Hippies, Kowalski and eternal classic, Loaded. At such close quarters, bliss indeed! [Paul Mitchell]