Five to Jive to at T in the Park

Preview by Nick Mitchell | 10 Jul 2008
  • Zack de la Rocha

From Will Young to Holy F**k, the line-up for this year's annual shindig in Balado certainly can't be accused of one-dimensionality. Here's five acts from a range of 140 that you'd be a dafty to miss this weekend:

Rage Against the Machine
Back in the mid-90s, my big sister's cool friend lent her a CD, which she passed on to me. It was Rage Against the Machine's self-titled debut. It appealed to my adolescent self then, and more than a decade later their music's lost none of its power. The reformed Rage are an unmissable proposition. [NM]

Video: 'Bulls on Parade' (Live at the Tibetan Freedom Concert)

The National
This year’s T boasts an indubitable heavyweight line-up, and it's a testament to the huge progress made by The National on their last two albums that the scales will be tipped in their favour when we’re deliberating over who to see on Sunday. This band deserves to be on everyone’s agenda. [FB]

Video: 'Mistaken For Strangers'

2080 could be the song of the weekend, unless you've got Amy Mania or Feeder Fever. See a doctor! Listen to how it all swirls together, rides along a groovy Fleetwood Mac bassline, bursts into a beautiful falsetto, and crashes into yelped chanting. Apparently they've got other songs too - bonus! [AB]

Video: '2080' (Live on Jools Holland)

Frightened Rabbit
They may be on their second album now, but Frightened Rabbit could be this year’s Twilight Sad: universally loved and praised [well, certainly within these pages - Ed], transatlantically demanded and lauded. Oh, and Scottish. The Midnight Organ Fight is a fine album and this chance to see them take the T Break stage should not be passed up. [FB]

Video: Heads Roll Off

Whaddaya mean you don't want to spend your whole weekend in the Slam tent? Slam ain't just for sweetie addicts, relentlessly swirling to their own indelible grooves: Justice, French House heirs to Daft Punk's throne, will bang out hooks to hang your hat on, no matter what your state of mind. [AB]

Video: Stress

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