#SFTOCSkinny: The Winners!

We asked you to share your snaps from this year's Sounds from the Other City festival – and you responded more enthusiastically than we could've hoped for. It's time to reveal the winners...

Feature | 12 May 2015
  • Sounds from the Other City 2014 – MiSTOA POLTSA

There's no festival quite like Salford's annual celebration of new art and music, Sounds from the Other City. Bringing together most of Salford and Manchester's best DIY promoters and giving them each a pub, chapel, repurposed railway arch or other unlikely space in the vicinity of Chapel Street, it's a yearly snapshot of the diversity, creativity and fervour of the area's independent scene. 

To celebrate this unique spirit, at this year's festival we wanted you to 'Capture the Spirit of Sounds'. We asked you to share your snaps from the day on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SFTOCSkinny – which not only entered you into a competition to win lots of ace prizes kindly donated by the festival's promoters, it also created a really cool, real-time roving view of the festival.

You responded more enthusiastically than we could've hoped for, and we had an incredible 300+ entries!

You can view the 30-strong shortlist here, from which the SFTOC team selected their favourites – images they felt truly captured the spirit of Sounds.

You can find the winning photo and runners-up below. Drumroll please...

The Runners-Up: 

5. Playing to a packed house at St. Philip's Church, Zun Zun Egui's Kushal Gaya hardly needed to preach to his crowd of the already converted. But... 

Don of the day at #sftoc #sftocskinny - what an adventure. #salford #Cityofthegods

A photo posted by Mr.Roskell (@wezlam) on

4. Spotted: This year's festival art directors, Costumologists/Faux Queens, took a moment out from spreading their infectious strain of #microcosmicdelirium around the streets of Salford to indulge in a spot of foosball...

#microcosmicdelirium #SFTOCSkinny #sftoc

A photo posted by @howardhowardhoward on

3. ...and here's #microcosmicdelirium on the move, carrying a contagion of fun towards an unsuspecting Salford Arms.

Look once, look twice. #SFTOCSkinny pic.twitter.com/di8TEga78f

2. We were seeing multiple for days after the festival thanks to Costumologists/Faux Queens' kaleidoscopic powers. One intrepid photographer got up close and personal... 

This sums up SFTOC yesterday. This is also how I feel today... #SFTOCSkinny

A photo posted by Mike Stephens (@bit_byte_bit) on

All four runners-up win a goody bag from the Little Red Rabbit label. Thank you for entering!

The Winner:

1. Costumologists/Faux Queens' #microcosmicdelirium project, spreading colourful chaos and fun around the streets of Salford, inevitably inspired a lot of photo competition entries (as evidenced above) – but it was their gathering outside iconic Salford pub and SFTOC landmark The King's Arms that made for a perfect combination in our winning photo. 

#SftocSkinny #sftoc #Salford #KingsArms

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The winner scoops: a pair of tickets to Sounds from the Other City 2016; 3 pairs of tickets to any Islington Mill shows of their choice; 2x tickets to any Now Wave show of their choice; 2x tickets to any Hey! Manchester show of their choice; 2x tickets to Vennart and Föllakzoid gigs at Soup Kitchen; tickets to Sham Bodie's summer party (and a part in their next video); a record from each Gizeh Records artist that performed at SFTOC 2015 and a goody bag from the Little Red Rabbit label. 


Want to see more? You can view all 30 shortlisted photos here

You can also check out all the 300+ photos submitted on Twitter and Instagram by searching the hashtag #SFTOCSkinny.

Until next year...