SFTOCSkinny photo competition: the shortlist!

Were you at Sounds from the Other City festival this year? Did you take part in our #SFTOCSkinny photo competition? Have a peek and see if your picture is included in our 30-strong shortlist, below...

Feature by News Team | 06 May 2016

At this year's Sounds from the Other City festival, The Skinny ran a photo competition to win a big bunch of prizes. To enter, all you had to do was share your snaps from the day on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #SFTOCSkinny

We were looking for photos that capture the spirit of the festival – and from crazy costumes to blistering gigs, to quirky views of the festival's unusual venues, you certainly answered that call! 

The favourite photo, as chosen by the Sounds from the Other City team, will win a pile of goodies kindly donated by the festival's promoters and pals, including a record player, vinyl, gig tickets and two passes to next year's SFTOC. 

From more than 300 entries (amazing!) we have selected 30 photos that tell the story of Sounds from the Other City 2016, in all its glorious variety and inventiveness. Have a scroll through them below – and if you'd like to see more, you can browse the #SFTOCSkinny hashtag on Twitter and Instagram

We'll be revealing the top five – including the winning photo – on Monday. Watch this space! Thank you for entering #SFTOCSkinny and helping to paint a picture of Manchester's most unique festival. 

The Big Moon all in blue on the Now Wave stage:

Big Moon

A photo posted by Mr Racco (@racco) on

Someone's thrilled to be in Islington Mill...

sftoc was OFF THA CHAIN, but thanks everyone for making it amazing #cheese #SFTOCskinny #gimmesomeprizes

A photo posted by mimi dearing (@mimidearing) on

Joyce D'Vision knows how to work a crowd on the SFTOC.TV stage:

#SFTOCTV #sftocskinny Joyce D' Vision

A photo posted by Tara Corns (@cloudcuriosity) on

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, obviously, it's a giant shadow elephant.

Having all the fun #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Hayley Suviste (@hayleysuviste) on

A lovely arty blur that captures how everyone at SFTOC feels after a few hours...

#sftocskinny #SFTOC #soundsfromtheothercity #salford

A photo posted by Peter Kenyon (@wpk2008) on

One of Good Afternoon's sparkly druids takes a break from partying all day in the Disco Womb:

Disco Druid #sftocskinny #goodafternoonsdiscowomb

A photo posted by Sarah Chapman (@bistokid89) on

Inside the Disco Womb:

The ceiling of our DISCO WOMB. #sftoc #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Darren Taylor (@daz_tazer) on

Festival art director himHallows' 'Vitruvian Man' costume makes its way across town... 

Behind the scenes #sftoc #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Clare Wiley (@clare.wiley) on

More Mill love:

#sftoc #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Jenny Oakenfull (@jenny_oak) on

Spooky vibes in St Philip's church:

#SFTOCskinny #window #stphilipschurch #salford #holy #cross #fotomobile

A photo posted by Lou-Bot (@ltothemp) on

The exquisite Ex-Easter Island Head performing in Salford Cathedral with the BBC Philharmonic ensemble:

A pig playing punishing noise. Naturally.

Legion of swine #sftoc #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Gareth Wood (@robotsoap) on

A balcony view of She Drew The Gun playing for Hey! Manchester in St Phil's:

#gigsinchurch @shedrewthegun #sftoc #acoustics #salford #gig #livemusic #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Lee Page Hanson (@leepagehanson) on

Wilderness Hymnal lost in visuals by Sam Wiehl at The Angel Centre:

Mesmerisingly beautiful #WildernessHymnal #SFTOCSkinny #SFTOC2016

A photo posted by Anastasia Connor (@anacon01) on

A pensive moment with Video Jam:

Cul de sac #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Carys Whitehouse (@caryswhitehou5e) on

Two sides of Salford seen from First Chop Brewing Arm:

First Chop times. #sftoc #sftocskinny #firstchopbrewingarm #mcrlive #manchester #mcr

A photo posted by Adam (@adamashleyuk) on

A glow-in-the-dark Tacocat at St Philip's Church:

This lobster, live-streamed straight to SFTOC.TV:

Everything about Sounds from the Other City in one picture? Salford, party balloons, beer:

#BalloonLove #Love #SFTOC #SFTOCskinny

A photo posted by @reppid on

Wait... maybe this is everything about SFTOC in one. Contemplating the river Irwell from the Pint Pot garden, dressed as an occult practitioner... Yep, sounds about right.

Little and large:

Sounds from the Other City fun #sftocskinny #sftoc #sftoctv #salford

A photo posted by Amy Beardall (@beardall) on

Manchester band Mother getting freaky in the Crescent pub:

Behind the scenes at SFTOC.TV:

@sftoc #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Jayson Turner (@drjaysonturner) on

Ready for the after party:


A photo posted by Euan Mckinnon (@euanmckinnon) on

Prop preppin':

Well, why not? #sftocskinny

A photo posted by James Anthony Southern (@jimsouthern82) on

Some serious moves in the Disco Womb:

#discowomb #sftoc #goodafternoon

A photo posted by Cat (@chittychitty) on

The full Ex-Easter Island Head experience:

This was very cool #sftoc #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Robbie Douglas (@robbie_douglas) on

Art on art...! Things get meta as these guys live-draw the Now Wave stage: 

Live band, drawing and wine - not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday #sftocskinny

A photo posted by Molly Byrne Robinson (@mrs_mandrew) on

And, last but not least:

Ahh, Salford. Things started out so well, full of good intentions and forward-planning...

...and ended like this.

Until next year!