Skye Music Festival

An unusual intimacy that you just don't get at other festivals

Feature by Sandy Easton | 15 Jun 2006

It takes a lot of organisation (and guts) to start a music festival, and as a consequence new festivals are something of a rarity. However, there is now a new star twinkling meekly in the sky for Scottish live music: The Skye music festival.

The festival is a two-day affair on the legendarily beautiful Isle, and during its acclaimed debut year in 2005 played host to the likes of the Stranglers, Idlewild, Mylo and KT Tunstall. This year's lineup is equally as strong and sees the return of the latter duo, along with the Fun Loving Criminals, DJ Food, the Cuban Brothers, and Sparks as well as Edinburgh locals Aberfeldy. The festival is small by usual standards, there are only three tents - but this gives an unusual intimacy that you just don't get at other festivals. This ambience was a great contributing factor to last year's electric atmosphere; ensuring an event that is just a wee bit different to the rest.

The Skye music festival is situated at the Ashaig airstrip in the south of the island and can easily be reached using public transport. Campsites are a quarter of a mile from the music and are just next to a beach where you can take in a great view of the sunrise. The experience of which beats waking up in a ridiculously muddy field…

The Skye music festival runs on June 16 and 17. Check out for ticket info and the complete lineup.

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