Sounds of the Summer: Meet Kelburn Garden Party's Pyramid Stage

We're back at Kelburn Garden Party this July curating their Pyramid Stage, so it's time to get better acquainted with the lineup

Feature by Tallah Brash | 14 Jun 2024
  • Kelburn Garden Party

Since 2018 we've been helping programme the Pyramid Stage at Kelburn Garden Party. It's the first stage on your right as you come through the main wristband check of the festival, and it's a great one for discovering new, exciting and often under-the-radar Scottish talent. To help you get more acquainted with this year's lineup, we ask all 20 artists the same three questions:

Why should people come see you at Kelburn?
Who are you most excited to see at the festival?

What’s your top festival survival tip?

Becky Sikasa
Festivals are a great opportunity to find new music. If someone wants to take a chance on something new, I‘d love to play for them... I'm excited to see Nubiyan Twist, corto.alto and LVRA perform. My top tip is probably just pacing yourself. Actually taking the time to watch and listen to the performances and be in the moment for each one. Becky Sikasa plays Saturday, 5pm

Bikini Body
If you wanna dance, groove, shout, maybe get a little nasty, you'd best come see us. Some peeps we’re excited to see are Jock Fox, Nubiyan Twist, Eyes of Others, Maranta, and above all: our dearest friends and comrades. My top tip is to always follow the fun, even if it means wandering off alone. Also, wear sunscreen. Bikini Body headline Friday, 10.45pm

Come see BRENDA at Kelburn to watch butch synth-punk in drag. BRENDA is most excited to see women playing instruments, women squat peeing, women drinking beer, women acting badly, women breastfeeding etc etc. BRENDA's top festival survival tip is using your elbows in the toilet queue. Brenda play Friday, 9.30pm

Doom Scroller
If you want to party like the world is ending – join us. We will make you feel like the world is ending. Excited to catch our fellow hatchlings from New Teeth Records, sarya and Thundermoon. Last year I had an impromptu emotional collapse and had a cry in a field by the car park. Would highly recommend. Doom Scroller play Friday, 7pm

Eyes of Others
A camping essential is wet wipes. I’d say they are more of a priority than a tent… there’s ketchup, beer, saliva… all sorts at festivals, yuck, so come catch my set because I’ll be throwing out some free ones onto your beautiful filthy faces. Also, go and see Bikini Body, cheeky buggers, love them. Eyes of Others plays Sunday, 6.30pm

Health and Beauty
I would strongly suggest that folk who like to have a wee dance but also maybe a wee emotional time should come and check out my set, especially if you want to hear someone who insists on putting New Order-style basslines over modern dance music. I really love rEDOLENT... So I'm most excited to see them. My top tip would be to go intending to survive but instead to thrive. Health and Beauty plays Sunday, 9pm

Come see me if you want to listen to some weird ethereal avant-pop that is equal parts haunting and euphoric. There’ll be a fun mix of quiet intimate moments and big cinematic choruses. Super excited to see HAAi! Been a fan for a really long time now and I just think Baby, We’re Ascending is gonna go so hard! No matter what the forecast says never wear trainers! Karys plays Saturday, 3.45pm

[Sunday afternoon will be] the perfect setting to sway with me in an ode to honeymoon love and my delicate debut album Romance. I’m most excited to see every member of Popgirlz perform, but it will feel extra special to hear Nikhita’s set. My top tip is to fully embrace the magic, and for a few days give yourself a much deserved break. Kohla plays Sunday, 3.45pm

It will be a beautiful memory for all of us to share together; a performance I promise you will never forget [two big cheesy grin emojis here] I look forward to seeing LVRA the most, all of her visuals are 10/10. Top tip: DRINK WATER and lots of it, don’t get dehydrated please. LAMAYA plays Saturday, 6.30pm

Leif Coffield
You must come see me for it’ll be laden with extravagant outfits and the highest energy possible, both in equal measure. Really excited to see corto.alto, I've heard loads of great things about the live show. Top festival survival tip: electrolytes, vitamin c, and chewing gum. Leif Coffield plays Saturday, 7.45pm

Linzi Clark
Come see us because this will be our first full band gig of 2024 and we'll be playing unreleased songs out in the wild for the first time. I'm excited to see Federation of the Disco Pimp... I've also been wanting to see Kohla's live set for a while so I'm excited for that! My top tips are dry shampoo, femme fresh wipes and individually wrapped chocolate crepes. Linzi Clark plays Saturday, 1.15pm

Come see me at Kelburn to break a sweat and let out a few demons! Shout out to The Skinny for curating a sick genre-defying Pyramid Stage this year; there are so many other acts who are out there pushing artistic boundaries – sarya is a personal favourite! People who give the best vibes have the best time :)!!! LVRA headlines Saturday, 10.30pm

Come see us because we offer something to dance, mosh and vibe to, all in one set. We may also be debuting new music – if we’re feeling generous! We’re so excited to see Pearling, LVRA, Maranta and Doom Scroller! Our top festival survival tip would be: baby wipes = shower. neverfine play Sunday, 7.45pm

You should see me at Kelburn, as I would love to take you on a hypnotic journey of introspection amidst the beautiful festival madness. I am extremely excited for Becky Sikasa and LVRA, and also to discover sounds that are new to me – I love how a festival can connect us to so much new art. Hydrate and get lost in the moments!! Nikhita plays Sunday, 2.30pm

Come see me at Kelburn to dance to some ethereal, otherworldly dance music. I'll be performing with my two dancers Luxx and Shawn to create an angelic audio/visual spectacle! I'm most excited to see LVRA, I really love their music so that's going to be a highlight! My top tip is probably to never use a pop up tent. Pearling plays Saturday, 9pm

Pippa Blundell
I'll be opening the stage on Sunday to soothe any hungover heads with a warm blanket of song. I am super excited to see my pals corto.alto for some movin' and groovin'. For me, a festival essential has got to be some suncream and a waterproof… especially in the bonnieland. Pippa Blundell plays Sunday, 1.15pm

Come see us for our new, physically attractive nine-piece band, unheard releases from our upcoming album and wall-to-wall bangerz. I’m looking forward to sarya, I’ve produced for them before; they are a lovely person to the point they slightly invasively did my laundry when they last stayed. Also our hometown heroes Logan’s Close. racecar play Friday, 8.15pm

I think people should come see us to see a wee guy shouting about being a radge. I’m going to go and see Becky Sikasa – her voice is wild. I can’t drink or anything, so didn’t have this problem, but my pals would all get so high before putting their tents up they’d have to spend the weekend in this falling apart half put together wee tent, so don’t do that. rEDOLENT headline Sunday, 10.30pm

Come see us because as someone who came up in the Scottish music scene, I hold so much love and inspiration from it. I am excited to see Robin Brill – a close friend and collaborator – with racecar. I’ve never seen LVRA, and I’m mega ecstatic to see more Chinese representation in the Scottish music scene. STAY HYDRATED, have tonnes of snacks and bring sun cream. Last time it was blazing and I saw too many burnt cuties. sarya plays Saturday, 2.30pm

We’re going to play some unreleased tracks from our next EP! [Shaz] We’re looking forward to seeing Karys, Megan Black, Maranta, and fellow New Teeth pals Doom Scroller and sarya. [Kat] Make friends with nearby campers and establish a good trade system! Although someone once tried to swap me an apple for my oat milk latte – I declined. [Lorna] Thundermoon play Sunday, 5pm

Kelburn Garden Party takes place at Kelburn Castle, nr. Fairlie, 4-8 Jul – tickets via

All stage times subject to change.