Hi Fi Festival (Web Only)

Feature by Dave Winter | 16 May 2006

Well, it's just about that time of year. A time when the sun stays out long enough to remind us that we we're not permanently living under a solar eclipse, it's a wee bit warmer (we hope), and all the kiddies are free from the professor's grasp. Yup, boys and girls, summer is here and for you Skinny readers this can only mean its time for you to get out and see some music, for this is indeed festival season.

Hordes of bands will soon come trumpeting through the land all over the world, and the UK is by no means an exception. However, with so many festivals on the way, yet so many sold the hell out within ten seconds of tickets going on sale; it may prove difficult to find a closely approximated festival vibe to absorb. Despite the financial considerations though, there are plenty of other choices just a little further out out than T in the Park which, alas, sold out in less than an hour.

For the slightly more adventurous festival goers, the HIFI festival comes romping into town on Saturday May 27. The music event will be held just outside Newcastle upon Tyne, (that's just slightly beyond the border, for those who never leave the house). Boasting as interesting and eclectic line-up as the indie kid and dancehall veteran alike can enjoy, HIFI is an electro/rock hoo-haa, complete with a varied, rotating cast of characters. On one side, you've got trance favorites Sasha, John Digweed and Paul Oakenfold, while on the other camp you've got rockers who manage to stay on the fringe of mainstream: the Editors, Ian Brown, the Subways, Forward Russia!, and Yourcodenameismilo…. In the mix, Belgium faves Radio Soulwax are stopping by for a visit, bringing their electro-mixing and matching to the atmosphere.

As with any festival worth its sand, there's a fair opportunity to try on and break in some new and unlikely sounds (Jason Priestly from Beverly Hills 90210 is playing). For those who are particularly keen on the electronic scene and willing to dabble with a few indie icons and newcomers into the bargain, this festival could have your name all over it.

Hi Fi takes place at the Matfen Estate, Matfen, Newcastle Upon Tyne on May 27. http://north.hififestival.co.uk/