Foxface @ Hinterland Festival, Glasgow, 1 May

Article by Nick Mitchell | 20 Mar 2009
  • Foxface (2008)

One welcome trend in Scottish music of late has been the demise of the affected transatlantic warble in favour of genuinely native brogues. Some bands – most notably Idlewild and The Twilight Sad – know that, far from inhibiting the reach of their music, a raw Scottish accent can add real emotive power to a song.

Another band who place their home-grown accents at the heart of their sound is Foxface, a Glaswegian trio who shift between bluesy folk foot-stompers and traditional ballads. Anyone who has attended one of their countless gigs in Scotland's cities will attest to the magical, eerie effect created by the harmonized vocals of guitarist Michael and bassist Jenny. And then there's drummer John, who spends the majority of any gig battering away behind a vulpine head mask, making you think of some pagan ritual à la The Wicker Man.

Foxface distilled all this mysticism into a debut album, This Is What Makes Us, released to positive reviews in late 2007. Since then they have recorded a film soundtrack, collaborated with Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas, continue to beguile audiences wherever they play - not to mention raising the reputation of the indigenous accent. Masks off to them.

Foxface play Hinterland Festival, Glasgow on 1 May.

Tickets are available here.