Ten to see at this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival

We suggest ten films to seek out at this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival

Feature by Jamie Dunn | 03 Jun 2015

45 Years

Andrew Haigh's last film, Weekend, was a deeply felt story of a fledgling gay romance. In this one, a hit at the Berlinale, he's examining a hetrosexual relationship where the passions have cooled.
19 & 21 Jun


Fresh from Cannes, Asif Kapadia follows up his extraordinary Senna with another sensitive doc about a fierce talent (Amy Winehouse) who died tragically young.
18 & 20 Jun

Cop Car

Jon Watt’s thriller is reportedly B-movie gold, but we’re most looking forward to seeing Kevin Bacon in something that’s not advertising a mobile phone provider.
19 & 24 Jun


EIFF’s closer will hopefully be as powerful and poignant as its writer-director (Scott Graham)’s first film, Shell.
28 Jun


Arnold Schwarzenegger in a zombie movie. Need we say more?
20 & 23 Jun

Meet Me in Montenegro

Alex Holdridge last movie was the glorious In Search of a Midnight Kiss, from almost a decade ago. What’s he been up to since? Making this film, about a filmmaker who last made a movie around a decade ago.
26 & 27 Jun

Sleeping with Other People

Director Leslye Headland describes her new film as “When Harry Met Sally for A-holes.” As one of the A-holes who adored her much maligned acid-in-your-face debut, Bachelorette, I’ll be first in the queue.
18 & 27 Jun

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Easier with Practice director Kyle Patrick Alvarez brings another based-on-reality tale to EIFF, this time a gripping dramatisation of the notorious 1971 behaviour test of the title.
18 & 21 Jun

Welcome to Me

A woman with a personality disorder goes off her meds, wins the lottery, and uses the cash to broadcast her own Oprah-style talk show. There are two movies at this year’s festival featuring Kristen Wiig (aka the funniest woman on the planet), the other being The Diary of a Teenage Girl, but this one’s outlandish premise tickles us more.
21 & 23 Jun

The Wolfpack

This great-looking doc follows six teenage brothers who’ve never stepped foot outside their parent’s Manhattan flat, where they spend their days watching DVDs and remaking their favourite movies, casting themselves as the stars.
26 & 27 Jun

Edinburgh International Film Festival runs 17-28 Jun http://edfilmfest.org.uk