Starter For Eleven: 65daysofstatic

Due to take on a live reworking of cult sci-fi film <i>Silent Running</i> at the Glasgow Film Festival, <b>Paul Wolinski</b> of <b>65daysofstatic</b> tests his nerd mettle for that first prize haggis supper

Feature by Darren Carle | 02 Feb 2011
  • 65daysofstatic

Q1. Silent Running is said to have influenced many things, but which 2009 British independent sci-fi film has been added to this list by its first-time director?

Moon. It's got a great soundtrack.

A. Moon (1 point)

Q2. 2001: A Space Odyssey was written by Arthur C. Clarke but what was the name of his own short story it was based on?

Don't know.

A. The Sentinel (0 points)

Q3. According to his famous monologue at the end of Blade Runner, what did Rutger Hauer watch “glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate?”


A. C-Beams (1 point)

Q4. Which creatures were at the centre of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home?

Whales. Not sure why I know that though.

A. Humpback whales (1 point)

Q5. Which cult sci-fi film was publicly shown last year with an extra 30 minutes of footage for the first time?

Metropolis. Si, our bass player, saw it. He says it's great.

A. Metropolis (1 point)

Q6. Which sci-fi television show periodically featured, and spawned a spin-off show called, The Lone Gunmen?

The X Files.

A. The X-Files (1 point)

Q7. Who was Steven Spielberg’s first choice to play the part that eventually went to Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Harrison Ford?

A. Steve McQueen (0 points)

Bonus point for the film’s tagline.

Is it 'Doo-dooo-dooo-do-dooooo’?

A. We are not alone (0 points)

Q8. John Carpenter’s first film Dark Star was co-written with Dan O’Bannon, who would go on to pen which sci-fi horror film?


A. Alien (1 point)

Q9. “This is your receipt for your husband...and this is my receipt for your receipt.” Name the ‘dystopian sci-fi satire’ from which this quote is lifted.


A. Brazil (1 point)

Q10. Can you name Robocop’s initial three prime directives in the first film? (1 point for each)

1. To protect and serve.
2. To have a wicked soundtrack.
3. To have a good time, all the time.

A. Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law. (1 point for ‘protect and serve’)

A bonus point for the, initially classified, fourth directive.

Destroy All Humans.

A. Robocop cannot arrest a senior executive of OCP. (0 points)

Q11. Where did Family Guy’s Star Wars parody Blue Harvest get its title from?

When they were shooting Return of the Jedi they called it ‘Blue Harvest' to keep stalker fans away from the set.

A. It was the fake working title of Return of the Jedi (1 point)

A respectable nine points places Paul third on the hall of fame, though the finer details of Robocop’s programming protocol have scuppered the chance of that delicious haggis supper.

1. Talib Kweli

2. Johnathan Rice

3. Paul Wolinski (65daysofstatic)

4. Mark Arm and Steve Turner (Mudhoney)

5. Kele Okereke

Performing a score to Silent Running as part of Glasgow Music and Film Festival 2011 at The Arches on 19-20 Feb