'Til Ness Do Us Part: Rock Ness To Host Weddings

Rock Ness 2008 is to have it's very own inflatable church, for the very loved up or very pissed up

Feature by Finbarr Bermingham | 02 Jun 2008
  • Rock Ness

The following should come as a warning to anyone thinking of getting tipsy and/or amorous at Rock Ness this coming weekend.

Making it's festival debut will be The Big Love Inflatable Church, which offers punters the opportunity to tie the knot on the spot and it's an addition that's strangely described by Festival Director Jim King as a "must do for the Rockness weekend."

Of course, weddings at festivals are not totally unheard of, Glastonbury have been hosting them for years. But the Somerset bash's approach to holy matrimony is slightly more bohemian than that of The Inflatable Church. Presided over by the Reverend Duncan Pritchard, the 'Church will be located adjacent to The Wedding Cake Mobile Disco, where newly-weds can take their first dance under the watchful gaze of DJ Matt the Hat and his tacky disco lights.

So for any unfussy love-birds hoping to tie the knot on a shoestring budget, this could be just the ticket. For everyone else though, think twice before cracking open the Babycham in the vicinity of Inflatable Church. You just might come home with more than you bargained for.