Five to see at Liverpool Psych Fest 2016

Unsure where to start with Psych Fest's impressively eclectic line-up? Here are some of our favourites

Feature by Music Team | 07 Sep 2016
  • Gwenno at Sounds from the Other City 2016


Highlighting the poppier outer reaches of psychedelia while also tapping into its dreamy celestial core, former Pipette Gwenno heads to the Psych Fest for what she’s warned will be her last live show in Great Britain for some time. Go catch her while you still have the chance. [Jess Hardiman] 


The recent Soundway signings are all over the map, in the best possible way. The London-via-Bahrain quintet’s sound brings together influences and instrumentation from across African and Asian music in a free-flowing, experimental melange. [Peter Simpson]

Demdike Stare

It's less immediately obvious how Manchester's Demdike Stare fit under the psych umbrella; their take on ambient electronica conjures rusted steel and sci-fi dystopia more vividly than kaledioscopic colour. However you slice it, though, their immersive fug is an essential experience. [Will Fitzpatrick]

La Luz

La Luz have a magical lightness of touch. Surf rockers from LA by way of Seattle, their last record Weirdo Shrine was produced by the king of weird, Ty Segall, and it adds a perfect dusting of fuzz to their frenzied, blue skies sound. [Katie Hawthorne]

Ye Nuns

The legacy of hypnotically wracked garage rockers The Monks is perfectly upheld by this shadowy collective. Featuring members of Curve and Thee Headcoatees, Ye Nuns repurpose the scintillating 60s originals with a decidedly femme perspective: they're doing God's work. [Martin Schumann]

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia 2016, Camp & Furnace, 23-24 Sep