Festival Column: Brew At The Bog, 5 May

Feature by Paul Mitchell | 05 Apr 2012
  • Washington Irving

Music and beer have long been easy bedfellows. It is oft reported how the ancient Egyptians, when congregating to praise one of their innumerable gods, would whip themselves into a hysterical frenzy to the sound of an accompanying harp, and begin throwing their containers of brew exuberantly in the air, drenching all the participants in alcoholic, deific exaltation. This practice continues to this very day (mostly at Kasabian gigs).

And so, a seamless (ahem) segue into a most convenient 2012 marriage of the two traditions. We in Scotland are well-accustomed to the beer/gig combo, but when those beers in question come with such lasciviously exquisite monikers such as Trashy Blonde, Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismarck!, it’s difficult not to be extremely curious about the music that will accompany the drinking.

BrewDog are considered Scotland’s largest independent brewery, and in the few short years of their existence, have generated a level of excitement around their brand that hasn’t been seen outside of 1-6 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California. And so, when they throw a party, well, we wanna go.

Brew at the Bog will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Bogbain Farm (not a ‘real’ farmer in sight) just outside Inverness on Saturday 5 May, showcasing the best in up-and-coming musical talent from these shores and beyond. Campers are invited to attend the evening before to get the party started, and stay well into Sunday afternoon. Meantime, on the Saturday, the stages will be filled with genuinely exceptional quality including such Skinny favourites as Washington Irving, Stanley Odd, Fatherson and Endor. goNorth host a stage there showcasing Highland acts such as Mike Nisbet and Open Day Rotation and there’ll be food to graze on, or films to watch if the music becomes overwhelmingly awesome. [Paul Mitchell]

Over 18s only. 12pm on Sat 5 May for 12 hours. Limited camping available. Campsite opens at 1pm on Fri 4 May and closes on Sunday at 1pm. Camping tickets are £10 and get you in from Fri til Sun. No booze allowed at the festival site – unless it’s BrewDog.- www.facebook.com/brewbog www.twitter.com/brewbog http://www.brewatthebog.com