A Hut Above: Boutique Camping Options at this Summer's Festivals

Feature by Claire Brunton | 29 May 2009

The phrase 'luxury camping' has traditionally proved to be a bit of an oxymoron. While many enjoy getting down and dirty with nature, 'roughing it' hasn't always appealed to everyone. This applies particularly to festivals, where many folk are attracted by the music or other goings-on, but the camping - particularly given the somewhat, er, strained conditions imposed by the festival crowd - is an additional factor to be taken into account. Sleeping bags can be itchy; toilets are almost always blocked; and you're woken up by drips of water (no matter how waterproof your tent is alleged to be) or other campers, almost as a matter of course.

For these people, the relatively new concept of luxury camping and pop-up hotels must seem like a dream. BoutiqueCamping.net is a new company offering accommodation such as wagons, tipis and beach huts in their secure camping villages set up at festivals worldwide. This summer they'll be seen at Rock Ness, Glastonbury and Belladrum to name but a few. For sure, the advantage of high-standard showers and toilets will also please those horrified by dirty Portaloos.

For some people, of course, an all night singalong next to your tent is half the point of going to a festival, not a pain in the ear; but it's good to know there are options. Comfortable camping may be an extravagance, but if you're going all out for the time of your life, certainly worth a thought.