Will and Greg: A Sketch Show

Article by Cara McGuigan | 24 Mar 2009
  • Will and Greg

Despite having his jokes written on the back of his hand, Will Andrews is a cool customer, giving us the first glimmers of the absurd deviance and polished randomness that is the Will and Greg show. Greg McHugh’s first performance is as Gary Tank Commander, a camp combatant from the capital who’s particularly pleased with his Iraqi tan. This is the character that won McHugh a Scottish BAFTA, but although the character is funny, he's given too long an outing in this context.

That's because it’s when they both get together after the break that the show really starts zipping along - no wonder Channel 4 picked them up for a pilot. As a double act they’re pretty darned cute, occasionally failing to stifle their giggles through a range of bizarre characters and sketches; particularly funny were “You stole my walk,” and the introduction of the girlfriends, Lisa and Kate (played by a pair of marigold gloves).

Throughout all this, props appear as if from thin air, and one or other fella fiddles with the MP3 player in their pocket for the appropriate punchline music. A marvellous line in fun and gibberishness.

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