Vladimir McTavish - 50 Greatest Scots Of All Time...Ever!

Article by Edward Whelan | 18 Jun 2009
  • Vladimir McTavish

I’ve always liked comedy gigs where you get a bit extra for your ticket price. With Vladimir McTavish’s ’50 Greatest Scots of All Time’ the audience is treated to a good solid comedy show with a lot of Scottish history and sport trivia thrown in.

McTavish takes us through his favourite Scots, confidently chatting about their achievements and eccentricities. There are the usual suspects, some unknowns, some bizarre and some which take quite a stretch of the imagination to pin them to their Scottish roots. Some are Scots commonly mistaken for English, others English commonly mistaken for Scots. McTavish makes Scottish history fascinating and regularly demonstrates how even the most lauded, pioneering and successful Scottish figure can be revealed as typically just another drunken, swearing vandal.

But none of this is done with malice, and McTavish plays with these stereotypes with plenty of self deprecating humour. Although there may have been a bit too much World Cup trivia in there for me, a surprising, and dead-on appropriate ending left me feeling aglow.