The Plot Thickens

Article by Edward Whelan | 24 Mar 2009
  • The Plot Thickens

Upstairs at Universal on a small well-lit stage, three silly buggers (Peter Aitchison, David Heffron and Obie) dress up in hats as they share out the cast of a classic murder mystery between them. The plot isn’t too important, as the improvised scenes swerve off in surreal fashion, picking up monster frogs and superbabies, helped along at regular intervals by the audience yelling out strange suggestions.
Many of the improv games may be familiar, but the performers' energy and enthusiasm kept the comedy going, giggling at their own inepitude as they toss the ridiculous plot around between the three of them. The show runs for an hour and some of the games lagged a bit towards the end, but they managed to pick it up again with self-deprecating jokes and strong audience participation. Sit at the front if you want to hold a tickle stick and be ready to yell stuff out. This is one show where heckling is definitely appreciated.