The Dullest Blog: The Magners Glasgow Comedy Festival edition!

Blog by Teddy | 12 Mar 2010

The Magners Glasgow Comedy Festival is upon us!  To join in with the spirit, The Skinny will be bringing you a selection of Dullest Blogs on the subject of Springtime, all sorts of crazy days of the week.


Springtime means different things to different people. For my relatives on a farm in rural Canada, spring is when the snow melts and floods them.

I’ve never been keen on visiting. In the winter they’re snowed in, in the spring they’re flooded, and in the summer they repair the damage from the flooding.

“So the autumn’s ok then?”

“Oh no. In the autumn… we prepare for the winter!”

For people who make New Year’s resolutions, Spring is the time when you step on the bathroom scales and go “Are these broken? I haven’t had a beer in three months. Oh so now drinking pints of wine makes you fat too?!”

For me, spring is a time of hope and expectation where the Glasgow Comedy Festival makes us Scottish comedians believe that we’re successful figures, living in a country filled with gigs, and that we’re going to be working consistently throughout the year.

Last year at the Glasgow Comedy Festival, I was doing three gigs a night most weekends. While this would be the norm for acts based in London, for Scottish-based comics it’s a genuine novelty. Something similar can be done during the Fringe…but the difference is that these Glasgow gigs tend to have audiences – and you actually get paid!

What happens after the Glasgow comedy festival? Erm, most of these gigs go away, you do about half a dozen gigs a month, and you wait for the Fringe to come round in August – at which point you wish you had the publicity machine of an Adam Hills, Brendon Burns, or Stephen K. Amos.

In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy another hope-filled springtime.  Oh, and I’m going to throw out these scales. I think they’re broken.


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