Susan Calman - Maybe It Is Your Fault

Stand regular, Susan Calman, brings her first solo show to the Merchant City Festival.

Article by Emma Ainley-Walker | 26 Aug 2008
  • Susan Calman

Susan Calman may be a school boyish, four foot eleven jokester, but this is one lady you wouldn't want to cross. Calman claims in complete sincerity that she “really, really fucking hates people,” before carrying on in her chatty Glaswegian tones about the difficulties of relationships. Seven years as a lawyer has trained Calman to be a methodical ball buster on the stage, and her show Maybe It Is Your Fault, takes no prisoners, particularly girlfriends or friends. The gist of the show concludes people should be more open about their feelings, but for Calman this means setting her irrational emotions alight, with a microphone and mischievous glint in her eye.

As a regular compere of the Stand's Wicked Wenches, Calman possesses an easy charm on stage and weaves the crowd banter into her self deprecating anecdotes of pitiful revenge and point scoring. Maintaining a subversive streak right to the end, Calman transforms from comedian into the little devil on your shoulder; you know you shouldn't listen, but it does sound fun.

Susan Calman will be performing Maybe It Is Your Fault at Blackfriar's Basement, 27 September, 20:30, £8 (£6)