Stu Who? Planet Of The Eejits

Article by Ciaran Woods | 18 Mar 2009
  • Stu Who?

I have a genuinely hot tip for the Glasgow Festival! I'm sitting nervously at the preview gig in Edinbugh when Stu Who? rolls up like an ageing rock star. He's all dyed hair and leather, and behind his shades you quickly discover his mind is brighter and sharper than most men half his age.

Deliciously adolescent, this self-confessed ‘Ned’ boasts humour that’s filthy and clever. He buzzes with feverish delight at his job. Blindsiding you with insights that play on your mind long after you’ve left the venue, he has a dark charisma that pulls it all together.

Don't be put off by the advancing years of this comedy veteran. He’s no role model for your kids, but he’s funny, slick, and he loves what he does. Well worth a look.