Scott Agnew: Phillip & Fern Saved My Life

Article by Ann-Marie Reilly | 26 Mar 2009
  • Scott Agnew

While initial sound issues are fixed, Scott Agnew explains that the front two rows are conspicuously empty as his regulars know he usually picks on them. But Philip and Fern Saved My Life is specially scripted for the festival and excludes that approach.

Agnew is acerbically funny and swears scathingly. The uncouth language coupled with his west coast baritone cause the uninitiated to raise their eyebrows in surprise when he divulges he’s gay. Some anecdotes are filthy and he apologises sheepishly in advance, but nothing throws this guy off.

When he asks if there’s anyone in from his home town, a woman in the audience introduces herself with the singular claim that her son used to poison him. Squinting down at her, he recognises from his school days a classmate’s mother and has a wee bit of ad-libbed banter with her. Two latecomers interrupt the show but true to his word, he just politely advises them to sit in the front and continues.