Ro Campbell: Full Power

Article by Scotty McKellar | 18 Mar 2009

It’s Friday the thirteenth, so you might expect a bit of bad luck here and there. But given what happened to Ro Campbell at his Glasgow International Comedy Festival gig at the Buff Club, you could be forgiven for thinking the poor bloke had personally incurred the wrath of Beelzebub!

Between an undeservedly low turnout, a few awkward technical issues and being saddled with a pair of obnoxious and disruptive hecklers in the front row, it was an uphill struggle for Campbell that would have sunk a less confident performer. But the Aussie trooper battled against circumstances and once he got his groove going defiantly gave a solid set about life back in Adelaide (think Royston Vasey), coming to Scotland, getting trapped in crappy jobs and Australia’s eccentric influence on the world at large.

With a ballsy stage persona that’s a dangerous cocktail of Dylan Moran’s Bernard Black and that frazzled nutter you met at university, Campbell’s a solid bloke and funny as hell. However, you might just want to keep him away from the drinks cabinet, your younger sister or the family pet.