Phil Buckley's Stupid World Tour

Article by Edward Whelan | 15 Jun 2009
  • Phil Buckley

Was this weirdest gig I’ve ever been too? Judging by the tales Phil Buckley shared about the life of a roaming stand up, it might not have even made the top ten for him.

Tuesday night was certainly brilliantly strange, from the Australians on the front row who tried to join in the jokes, to the poor drunk random who, as Buckley pointed out, managed to heckle himself out of the room. It was a night for revelling in human stupidity, indulging in it and laying it open for all to see the joy it brings to our lives. We are invited to pitch in with the worst pick up lines we’ve used, and soon the audience all wants to shout out their own snippets of inane behaviour.

Buckley is a charmingly self deprecating comedian, even when receiving friendly jeers from his warm up act, Rick Molland, at the side of the stage. With the confessional mood and the series of strange events in the audience, the bizarre heckles and unexpected drinks spilling across the room, audience and comics alike felt fairly chummy by the end, having been through it together. The constellation of oddities might never be repeated but as Phil Buckley knows, it won’t be long before someone else is doing something stupid, and we can all have another good laugh.