Pappy's: Pappy's' World Record Attempt: 200 Sketches in an Hour

Article by Lewis Porteous | 22 Mar 2010
  • Pappy's Fan Club

Pappy's current tour finds the if.comedy-nominated sketch troupe performing a reconfigured version of last year's Edinburgh Fringe show; the four man Fun Club reduced to a lean three piece. If any changes are evident in the scaled-down line-up, it's that the group's skewed cabaret is now presented with a greater sense of focus and intimacy.

Though the show's record breaking premise is soon discarded, it initially allows for the troupe to perform uncharacteristically brief sketches of variable quality, all carried by the performers' infectious energy. Their fluid sketch-turnaround sees to it that their momentum never stalls; routines and characters bleed into one other, allowing for the show to follow a thoughtfully constructed narrative arc.

Longer sketches, such as an unrelenting opening song, demonstrate a willingness to follow ideas through to their logical conclusions, however testing this may be for the audience. The likes of 'Old Louie' and a relay-race sketch, meanwhile, are skilfully played physical set-pieces belying the group's apparent disinterest in competent acting. The show is most successful, however, when the performers improvise, particularly during Tom Parry's prolonged bouts of feigned indignity. It is during these moments, as he embodies the founder of the Quakers and the world's tallest man, that chaos and construction are most joyfully combined.

Pappy’s will be performing a brand new show at Pleasance Edinburgh throughout August. Tickets on sale from June.