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The Glasgow International Comedy Festival runs from 12-19 March. Comedian Susan Calman will be online throughout the festival giving us all an insight into its day to day shenanigans. Susan explains below what it is she loves about blogging.

Feature by Susan Calman | 02 Mar 2009
  • Susan Calman

The first rule of blogging? There are no rules! It’s a hazy, crazy mixed up world of mundane observations and fabricated excitement. That’s why I love it. And what could be a better way to spend every spare hour of my life than letting strangers know about my mostly dull existence.  It's like putting a glass to the wall of life and hearing a load of pish. And during March I will be doing everything possible to bring you a slice of pish from the Glasgow Comedy Festival. I will be spending the month watching everything from famous comics to new comics to drunk comics and most disturbingly...naked comics. Add to that the recounting of true life experiences from performing at solo gigs, big gigs and small, tiny awful gigs which will provide you with a window into a life more or less ordinary with a touch of glamour and beer mixed in.

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