Maxwell's Fullmooners

Article by Roslyn Frame | 16 Mar 2010
  • Andrew Maxwell

If the mark of a worthy comedian is how expertly they can cope with a persistent heckler, then Glasgow must be one the most testing cities in the world. Tonight's clamorous revellers are dealt with deliciously by compere Andrew Maxwell in quick succession with effortlessly slick putdowns. In fact, a very brave routine all round from Dublin-born Maxwell as he asks the Glaswegian audience about their notorious sectarianism. 

What follows is a spectacularly dark and multi-faceted variety show including guest comedian and ‘magician’ Pete Firman, some very muscular break dancing and a bit of impromptu rap from the seventh best rap group in Ireland.

But it's the eccentric performance of English comedian Terry Alderton which really gets the crowd howling with laughter.  Rife with impressions – including a Fathers for Justice parody – it leaves us begging to see more of his erratic and decidedly unnerving characters. A devilishly sinister and entertaining midnight show filled with black comedy, modern sorcery, enchanting voodoo and much more. Umissable for lovers of the dark arts.