Keir McAllister: Inadequate

Article by Karen Bradley | 17 Mar 2010
  • Keir McAllister

Strutting out onto the stage sporting glasses, converse trainers and a casual suit, Keir McAllister could be mistaken for a university lecturer. For his first solo show, McAllister seems to have made the effort not only with his outfit but also his use of technology. Tonight, with the aid of a laptop presentation, he aims to discuss a topic he believes is innately Scottish. Covering everything from Facebook to fascism, McAllister explores inadequacy in 2010.

His material is good, but his laptop hinders his performance. A few technical glitches early on leave him flustered, making him rush his delivery. Nerves get the better of him and he skims punch lines, trips over his words and misses out on the big laughs he deserves. It is only later when he steps away from the laptop that McAllister regains his flow. Sticking to traditional stand up techniques, he receives the biggest laughs of night for his fantastically crude sexual anecdotes. Having already mastered his geek-chic look, hopefully it is only a matter of time before McAllister’s IT skills will catch up.