In Profile: Sean Lock

Article by Edward Whelan | 19 Mar 2010
  • Sean Lock


Suited and bespectacled with a wondering, grumbling puzzlement at the world, Sean Lock is back at the Glasgow Comedy Festival with his brand new show, Lockipedia. Now regarded as one of the UK's leading stand ups, he’s often seen on television, sitting behind a desk, being a regular guest on QI and Mock the Week and having hosted his own show TV Heaven, TV Hell for Channel 4. Those who’ve only seen him on TV might like to know he’s been around for quite a while, and picked up a BBC Comedy Award and Perrier Nomination for his trouble.

Like a bag of Rowntree's Randoms, Lock is a mix of comedy shapes and sizes, deadpan but silly, observational but unreal and misleadingly daft as there’s a dark corner of his mind he likes to poke around in from time to time. Lockipedia is a guided tour of the inside of Sean Lock’s head, an A-Z of everything he thinks he knows. A more entertainingly unexpected show at this year’s festival is unlikely.