In profile: Miles Jupp

Article by Edward Whelan | 18 Mar 2010
  • Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp is a bit of a polymath, with a sizable CV of television and radio appearances as a stand up, an actor and part of sketch team The Lost and Lonely Rebels. Some of you may know him as Archie the Inventor from the BBC children’s series Balamory. His stand up is far from suitable for under fives, though, as he swears and rants at all that cross his rambling path.

Launching his stand up career by winning 2001’s So You Think You’re Funny competition on Channel 4, he went on to be nominated for a Perrier Award just two years later for his show Gentlemen Prefer Brogues. His Glasgow Comedy Festival offering, Telling It like It Might Be is transferred directly from his acclaimed run at 2009’s Edinburgh Fringe. A troubled mixture of indignity and politeness, (when he gets going picture Colin Firth with steam coming out of his ears), Jupp has carved a niche for himself that he can work to full effect.