In Profile: Andrew Maxwell

Article by Edward Whelan | 12 Mar 2010
  • Andrew Maxwell

He may appear as a small figure on a huge stage, but Andrew Maxwell will fill out the space with his gleeful storytelling. Born on the north side of Dublin, he began his stand up career at 18 yrs old in a club run by Ardal O’Hanlon. He has since hit the international circuit, been nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award and performed at 2005’s Secret Policeman’s Ball.

Renowned for his fast-paced delivery, Maxwell’s aim is to use comedy to challenge perspectives. He is a social commentator with an informed political view, keen to engage his audience’s mind and deftly handle the odd heckler.

You may have seen him around on TV, as he has been Channel 4’s international correspondent and a regular on Dara O’Brien’s The Panel as well as popping up recently on Mock the Week.

He can be found twice at this years Glasgow Comedy Festival, both with his own show and appearing at the now cult Maxwell’s Fullmooners, which will be on at the Old Fruitmarket from midnight for those who have the stomach for late and dark comedy.