Improv with Stu and Garry

Article by Cara McGuigan | 10 Jun 2009
  • Stu and Garry

I admit I was dreading this gig. Too many excruciating amateur nights has left me with a horror of improv; that mix of sweat, hyperactivity and desperation whips me right back to working in a uni coffee shop, and our manager’s idea of a moneyspinning venture. However, something unexpected happened. They were funny. Really funny.

There are some key areas to making improv comedy work, and Stu and Gary tick all the boxes. They like each other, and the gig is refreshingly free of schadenfreude, they work well together – no scene-stealing. They have a shared sense of humour, have obviously been arsing about together for years, and they’re professional, keeping their improv reined in, no matter how bizarre the audience-flung suggestions, from Brazilian soap opera to extreme ironing. Add to this a fab array of accents, total confidence in their sharpness, and genuine ear-to-ear grins, and you’ve got a really good night out. Highly recommended.