Fit O' The Giggles

Article by Edward Whelan | 17 Jun 2009
  • Graeme Thomas

Some comedy gigs just fall flat. Its happens to the best comics. And Thursday night at Cruz was just one of those nights.

It might have been the mix of the crowd or the late hour, but wasn’t (largely) the fault of the comedians. Ben Verth worked our cringe response to good effect, graphically describing scenes which stick in your head for a long time. Daniel Huntley, barging onto the stage next, threw the audience into an astonished silence, with his fierce, agitated mental case. So you have to respect third act Gus Lymburn, jogging onto the stage, chatty and outgoing, as if oblivious to the rather dismal response he was bound to get.

Our headliner, Graeme Thomas, fares better and finally we relax and the laughter starts to roll a little thicker, his experience leading him to know how to better deal with a tough crowd.

In all, it's a difficult night. Our acts do their best to cheer us up, although probably taking it too far at the end when compere Keara Murphy decides to throw in a bit of her own act, rather rudely trumping the headliner’s position and delaying us out the door.

Here’s a pat on the back to the rest of the acts - you did your best.