Elaine Malcolmson and Niall Browne: All Kinds of Everything

Article by Scotty McKellar | 30 Mar 2009
  • All Kinds of Everything

Northern Ireland has everything, so it does. All kinds of everything in fact. Niall Browne and Elaine Malcolmson are two comics from the province who are happy to clear up any nasty rumours you might have heard and take you on a tour of the real Northern Ireland. A sideways trip into a lunatic world of fairies and potatoes, bizarre bus stop vignettes, more potatoes and small town mentalism that both mocks and celebrates its quirkiness and its shortcomings. And it’s all so easy-going and underplayed that you just don’t mind at all.

At the heart of the show is a deadpan bickering chemistry between Browne and Malcolmson. He’s the stupid one and she’s the long suffering friend. Or sometimes she is and he is, and it doesn’t matter because they’re both great performers with excellent timing who have these characters down to a tee. Good use of video during some inspired interludes make this a cut above some other shows, and although there were some technical problems on the night, it didn’t prove disruptive.

Full of cheeky playfulness tempered with a dry wit, Browne and Malcolmson were all kinds of fun.