David Kay Gets Dynamic

Article by Roslyn Frame | 25 Mar 2010
  • David Kay

Self-proclaimed ‘fireball’ David Kay meekly witters on in the conversational style of an old lady for just over an hour. Dynamic it certainly is not. That said, the persona Kay has created is endearingly unassuming with subtle hints of satire conducted with deadpan delivery and spot on timing. Kay starts admirably with anecdotal yarns on the humdrum of everyday life and the intricacies of Scottish weather, including a very droll narrative on his brief brush with Rab C Nesbitt fame.

Unfortunately, as the mundane stories drone on, the self-effacing, dithering act begins to grate; particularly when recounting opinions on outdated news stories like the Glasgow terrorist attack and Osama Bin Laden’s hideout. Kay rouses a mixed reaction from the intimate crowd with laughter and snoring in equal measures. In keeping with the underwhelming theme of the night, Kay closes with an anti-climactic trumpet solo. A bit like the show, this starts with promise but soon fizzles out.