Bruce Morton

Article by Edward Whelan | 10 Jun 2009
  • Bruce Morton

It was definitely a show of two halves. ‘I’m just babbling’ Morton says a couple of times in the first half, and it does seem that way when the jokes start to stall. In the first part, he banters with the audience looking for inspiration for funny stories, and it was a jolly but relaxed. Back on stage for the second half, the show seemed to start properly; as if the opening period was just the warm up.

Once he gets into a good story, the room comes alive and once he is frothing at the mouth with energy, our attention is riveted and he can make the audience fall about with a glance. He likes to ramble. He tells stories from his life, but then suddenly he’s reminiscing about flying bi-planes in Burma and the audience are happy to take these daft little side alleys with him. He is happiest when getting in amongst the audience, leaning into the front row to chat and exchanging jokes with the cacklers on the back row. The audience love this weegie's attempts at Edinburgh colloquiallisms and shifty Edinburgh accent.

The stories don’t particularly hang together on any theme, and some of the old jokes divide the audience. But we leave grinning. Perhaps because we were still thinking about hot bananas. You have to go to find out.