Bruce Fummey: About Robert the Bruce

Article by John Wilson | 24 Mar 2009
  • Bruce Fummey

"About Robert The Bruce" is an evening of Bruce Fummey's self-styled 'edu-comedy' (if you're laughing it's comedy and if you're not it's education).

Fummey begins by spending a while introducing himself and explaining what we could expect from the rest of the evening. With his cheery, rambling and sweary banter Bruce quickly endears himself to the audience, although perhaps less so to its English members. Interspersing a light but informative narrative of the rise of Robert the Bruce with wee stories from his childhood and silly punchlines, it was surprising how much history he covered. Plentiful laughs made the time fly by and the education very easy to absorb.

The overall impression is of an evening in the pub with a mate who happens to be a history teacher. One who is hoping to improve your chances in a future pub quiz and is very likely to succeed.