Brendon Burns: 2010 AD

Article by Fern Brady | 17 Mar 2010
  • Brendon Burns

These days, Brendon Burns is known as one of the most established performers on the UK circuit – and he isn't afraid to acknowledge it. Since his Perrier win in 2007, it's been interesting to watch the shift in his perception of himself as a comic. The rebellious edge that continually pushes at the boundaries of what is and isn't acceptable to laugh at is still there, but it's been diffused by an assured confidence that stems from the industry recognition that he is a master of his craft.

Further, following the end of a spell of romantic stability, he's back to the more familiar territory of pining over an ex, resulting in a vulnerability reminiscent of his post-rehab Sober Not Clean show. This threatens to spill into gag-inducing sentimentality when he makes a teary-eyed plea for her return, but while his sex life is in tatters, his routine is reaping the benefits of the tortured rage and grotesque sexual anecdotes that simply weren't available when he was blissfully in love.

In spite of jetlag, a thirty minute delay and an increasing inclination to laugh at his own gags, Burns shows once again that he is always, unfailingly entertaining.