Barry & Stuart: Powered by Demons

Article by Edward Whelan | 15 Mar 2010
  • barry and stuart: powered by demons

Come dare yourself to spend an hour or more with Barry and Stuart, where black and bloody magic comes tinctured with devilish humour. This devious pair of magicians have garnered a trail of alternately horrified and delighted reactions in their wake. They picked up a BAFTA nomination in 2006 for their television special Tricks from the Bible, but caused controversy in 2005 when their Channel 4 special The Magic of Jesus seemingly raised the dead and impregnated a virgin.

Now they are back at the Glasgow Comedy Festival with an all new live show of stomach-churning magic and tips on how to impress your date with a sharp needle all mingled with pieces from their collection of strange wonders.
There will be plenty of laughter – although don’t be surprised if some of it is nervous laughter. You may find yourself squirming in your seat, but you won’t resist peeping through your fingers.