Andrew O'Neill's Totally Spot-On History of British Industry

Article by Ann-Marie Reilly | 24 Mar 2009
  • Andrew O'Neill

O’Neill is akin to a one-man Boosh, dressed slightly goth with gambolling spring lamb enthusiasm and boundless confidence. With elements of student humour, street theatre, even mime, O’Neill is definitely brave, especially considering this is Glasgow. There’s an obvious '80s vibe to his material which makes me wonder if the older couple next to me are on the same page, or indeed working from the same history text.

Reactions to O’Neill’s material are more quiet chuckles than loud guffaws but one section gets a round of applause, which surprises him. Sometimes he uses this bit as special torture on apathetic audiences, he confides wickedly.

A few slight technical hitches throw a slim spanner in to O’Neill’s well-oiled machinery but he doesn’t lose steam. Overall this is an amusing and satisfying show leaving me with just one unanswered question: is James Dyson really all that bad?