Yours Sincerely @ Assembly Rooms

Based on real-life correspondences, Will Jackson's Yours Sincerely is an escalating comedy that takes you on a wild ride

Review by Mirren Wilson | 12 Aug 2019
  • Yours Sincerely @ Assembly Rooms

What would you do if you found yourself accidentally in possession of 300 second class stamps? In the 21st century, when nobody really writes letters, you’d probably just have to keep them in stock or send more Christmas cards than usual. Not Will Jackson. He decides to have a bit of fun. Starting with writing letters to his dearly missed ex-flatmate, he begins to get experimental, writing to John Lewis and old crushes using various personas. From Quick Duck Theatre, Yours Sincerely is an escalating one-man show that’ll take you on a wild hour of fun.

Birmingham based Will Jackson is an actor, writer and lovable character. He’s also a top-class lip-syncer who loves to engage with his audience. Full of OTT bubbliness he transforms into many letter-writing alter egos with vocal clarity and skill. He’s a great comic, who works at pace, dancing around the chaotic set, really working hard to keep his audience with him. However, there are some moments where his energy and text run away with him and it feels a bit out of control, which is all forgivable.

The style of comedy is extremely heightened and a little cringy; you’re either going to love it or hate it. For the majority, the piece is laugh-out-loud-and-cackle funny, so when there are serious moments, it’s an unexpected jolt and the shift in tone feels too sudden. But the writing is so witty and relatable, it's guaranteed to tickle you at some points.

Yours Sincerely, although full of surface comedy, does have a deeper meaning that makes you think about modern connections. It might even inspire you to write a letter just for the fun of it, so grab a drink, join in the fun and enjoy the free chocolate!

Yours Sincerely, Assembly Rooms (Front Room), until 24 Aug (not 13), 8pm, £9-10