Work Songs @ Zoo

No holds barred

Review by Lorna Frost | 21 Aug 2012
  • Work Songs

In Work Songs 'The Office' explodes into Saturday afternoon wrestling: wonderfully. Broderick Chow and Tom Wells, aka the Dangerologists, fight and sweat their tale of corporate culture and the reaction to it mercilessly. The choreography is fantastic. We shudder and gasp as they push and pull and throw each other about.

It's worrying just how far these guys will go with each other. All the innuendo, offence and submerged aggression of office politics is let loose on stage. It seems as if the laid back Brodie and uptight Tom have really been caged up, forced to prepare too many reports and presentations for too long. And now, like animals kept in captivity, they want to get it all out of their system and get out of the system.

The hollow chants of motivational training, such as the talk of team spirit where there is only conflict, are common experiences for many people, as is the lack of privacy and peace to get on with a job where space is limited and depends on hierarchy. The glitz and doublespeak of  presentations, which describe how to make money out of misery, and the workaholic who has lost his private life, are other themes that are explored. And the debate is extended to the audience when Brodie asks about work and our feelings about it. 







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