When the Friendship has Sailed @ C Aquila

When the Friendship has Sailed is a heart-warming piece that isn't perfect but made us smile from beginning to end

Review by Grace Lavender | 31 Aug 2018
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Loneliness is still a taboo topic for many young people. Carrie, aged 29 and living in London, is perhaps the last person you’d expect to be lonely. And yet none of her colleagues like her, her family is across the country and her only real friend is her pet fish, Christina. When the Friendship has Sailed follows Carrie as she determinedly attempts to forge new friendships before it is too late.

Jessica Palfrey’s script is warm and humorous, and her words are brought to life by Natalie Ann Jamieson, who’s portrayal of Carrie is incredibly tender and sincere. Elizabeth Edmonds triumphs, bringing Christina the fish to life through the music and lyrics of Louis Peake. Overall, the onstage trio (Palfrey, Jamieson and Edmonds) are able to keep the audience engaged and smiling, even during more serious moments. While the play addresses some very serious themes, it does so kindly, and never becomes too dark or scary.

While it is clear that Carrie’s intention is to find new friends, the show’s plot does sometimes lose momentum. Several themes are introduced successfully but are lacking development. At one point Carrie feigns pregnancy in order to fit into a pre-natal yoga class, and it feels as though this may become the main storyline. It doesn’t however, and the end of the play comes rather abruptly.

When the Friendship has Sailed is a heart-warming piece of work that shines a light on a very serious and underrepresented issue. While it may need more development in places, it raises smiles from beginning to end.

When the Friendship has Sailed, C venues - C aquila, until 27 Aug, 18.30, £7.50 (£5.50)

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