Wet Paint @ Le Monde

A freebie magic variety show

Review by Rebecca Paul | 15 Aug 2012
  • Wet Paint - With Neil Kelso

A snappy title for a magic show, Wet Paint has an interesting premise: tricks and illusions trickling fresh from the notebooks of our illusionist designer duo (!), Ben Hart and Neil Kelso.

Each dutifully pops on and off stage presenting their latest magical moves. Kelso, fresh from compering the Magic Festival gala show last month, is a wonderfully sweet and mischievous-looking man and his tricks, though basic, largely involve storytelling, playing to his strengths. Hart opts for more interesting illusions with even more interesting props from a sword and scissors to a magical light bulb. There’s obvious enjoyment for him in the pageantry that goes along with this type of parlour magic and his dramatic flourishes are an easy crowd-pleaser. His final illusion is particularly fun and unexpected; something we’re seeing less of in modern magic performances.This notion of new tricks is an exciting one and the guys do show us some cool moves but the presentation as a whole is a bit ropey.

Wet Paint is not as slick as it could be and this is hindered with our performers' all-too-often ‘handing over’ to the other rather than working together. When the two finally perform a joint-illusion the contrast works and there’s an effortless banter; more of that would have been nice. Wet Paint is worth a visit if you fancy some magic and perhaps sells itself short being a free show.

Le Monde on George Street Until 24 Aug (not 16, 22, 23), various times http://www.wetpaintmagic.co.uk/