The Softening of MOA-A @ Summerhall

Labelled as a bio-theatre experiment The Softening of MOA-A creates a faultless link between science and theatre

Review by Steven Fraser | 24 Aug 2012
  • The Softening of MOA-A

Presented as a multimedia lecture that incorporates medical animation, motion graphics and diagrams, the performance centres around the discovery and harnessing of a genome call MOA-A.
The presentation itself is given by Tom (Tom Bailey) from a company called Darwin Futures. He gives us a history of the company and goes on to present the discovery of MOA-A and how it has been proven as an impulse for violence in humans. The performance is authentic and believable with the evidence projected on a screen behind the performer. Tom is an engaging character and maintains the audience's interest throughout with an intense approach that appears to be leading to a dramatic conclusion.
This conclusion is further emphasised by dismissing the science and incorporating art and poetry into the presentation. Here facts are dismissed and heart and passion is enthused into The Softening of MOA-A. Although the conclusion in itself is a bit of a let down, the authenticity and presentation are so strong the lasting effect is one of intensity and intrigue.

Summerhall 11-26 August 15.30 (1hr) £10.00 (£8.00) Suitable for 16+ Box Office: 08458743001