The Man Who Thought The Moon Would Fall Out Of The Sky @ Northern Stage At St Stephens

Review by Emma Ainley-Walker | 19 Sep 2013
  • The Man Who Thought the Moon Would Fall Out of the Sky

In Edinburgh for one night only, the NORTH company of 2013 bring you the tale of The Man Who Thought The Moon Would Fall Out Of The Sky. Combining storytelling and music they present to you Earnest, a man whose life has been pieced together from a scrapbook and left open to anyone's interpretation. 

It is a heartwarming story of a boy who always looked up, a love story between a man and his moon, who always stayed constant and high above him no matter how many changes and wanes it passed through. What then would happen were the moon to start slowly falling towards earth?  

This show provides a perfect example of a company who work well together and work well with one another, with the narration, as well as the role of Earnest, shifting from performer to performer. Each has their own style and their own stage presence but no one actor forces themselves to the front or pulls focus. They are a collective, and a testament to how collaboration brings together all aspects of a story. Of the many Fringe shows that can be classed as storytelling, this is one of few where it is a team and not just one or two actors that successfully create an engaging tale. 

And this collaboration shines through. It is not just a one-night only performance at the Fringe but an announcement as well. The NORTH company of 2013 will continue making work together under the new guise of The Letter Room. If this is only the beginning, then expect good things to come.  


Run ended