The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show @ Pleasance Dome

Review by Christine Lawler | 18 Aug 2014

With a coffee in one hand and a paper plate of strawberries and croissants in the other the audience are prepared for The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show to bring a splash of humour to the start of their day at Edinburgh Fringe.

And that is what it does, albeit a very silly humour. The show is compiled of five separate skits which at first seem quite amateurish – however they do strengthen as the show goes on.

Mandate by Kelly Younger as the fourth part of the show provides great humour with two husbands on a ‘man date’ set up by their wives. Hilarity ensues when the older of the two comes on far too strong in his efforts to make the other his best friend; natural performance and excellent comedy by the lonely man with only his nail-polishing young daughters for playmates make for an entertaining ten minutes.

Big Fish, Little Fish by Joel Jones is a brilliant parody of old-school film noir full of witty puns and a saxophonist who only speaks through saxophone riffs. The femme-fatale is funny as she swishes and pouts her way through the purposefully clichéd lines while the stereotypical shady character with the internal monologue – that is not very internal – is brilliantly cast.

Despite the slight amateurish quality and comedy that at times falls flat, The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show brings frivolity to the morning and prepares the audience for meatier performances that are sure to follow.

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show, Pleasance Dome, until 25 Aug (except the 12th), 10.30am