Staged @ Zoo Southside

An extremely clever, absolutely mind-bending show from Circumference: expect to question everything you thought you knew about circus, and much more besides

Live Review by Alice Lannon | 15 Aug 2019
  • Staged @ Zoo Southside

Three performers. One hanging platform that shifts, tips and swings at their slightest move. The acrobats cling on to the platform – and each other – in an exploration of trust, chance and staying balanced in an unstable world.

Quite a cool idea, but easy enough to grasp these concepts, right? Think again – any idea of fixed truth is just as shaky as the platform we see before us. Nothing is how it seems at first in this truly innovative, slightly dark performance laced with a feeling of danger. If you ever thought circus was a bit boring and predictable, go see this show and shake up your preconceived ideas. We promise by the end you’ll be sitting there with your head spinning, mind flooded with strange and unexpected emotions.

A word of warning though. As utterly ingenious and essential as this show is, don’t go expecting to have a nice time in any way. The show gets intense and palpably uncomfortable as we confront the human psyche itself. However, this is exactly why makes Staged so powerful.

An outstanding achievement from all involved, and an extraordinary vision that is very convincingly brought to life by the Circumference performers. Staged is a phenomenal, truly genre-twisting feat of circus, storytelling and psychology – you’ll be re-examining this show in your head for days afterwards.

Staged, ZOO Southside (Main House), until 25 August, 7pm, £12-14